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Welp, after a horrible streak of bad luck, I managed to crawl back into the internet. And thanks to FB Notes, I managed to keep this SU around for edition. Here it is:


Name: Victoria Beck (a.k.a. Vicky Powers)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Team: Starmie - Magneton - Vanilluxe - Golett - Boldore - Pawniard

Legendary: Latios

Appearance: Victoria's honey, wavy hair drops all the way down to her shoulders like a waterfall, and matches her dark gold eyes perfectly. She likes to wear a fancy dark red cocktail dress that's the same colour as her lipstick of choice, and a black coat over it, since she feels cold most of the time. She is not very fond of high-heeled shoes, and thus she's always wearing a black pair of shoes that people often mistakes for sandals. Vicky wraps this outfit with two pearl earrings and a bow on her hair. She puts a great deal of effort in it, and she's quite proud of it; but beware not to mess it up.

Victoria is a girl who has the nasty habit of teasing people and messing with them for her own amusement. Her pranks of choice include "fake-flirting" (acting as if she had an open crush on a boy when she most likely doesn't), acting "overly-affectionate" and playing hard to get. Like compulsive nail-biting, Vicky rarely realizes when she's doing these things: she's been doing that for so long it is sort of imprinted in her brain. This habit of hers makes her come off as an obnoxious and mischievous girl to most people, especially girls who may consider her a "Beedrill-otch"; however, she means no harm at all. Those mind games she plays are nothing but a barrier: a test they must pass in order for them to be considered a close friend of hers. If somebody passes said test, having put of with all her tricks, Vicky's attitude towards that person will change: she will be kinder, sweeter and more aware of that person's feelings. She will, however, toy with that person from time to time. She just can't help it. Why does she plays those games, you might ask? No one knows for vertain. Most likely the environment she grew up in is to blame.
Another trait of Victoria's is that she is quite impulsive and volatile. She can switch from "Sweet Mode" to "Stay-the-effing-hell-away-from-me-for-your-sake Mode" in the blink of an eye. If somebody does something that upsets her, whether it was accidentally or not she will take it personal and try to get even no matter how many times you advise her against it, which usually leads her to do irrational things which are unlikely to end well.
Oh, and another thing. Do never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, under any circumstance, mention her real name, call her "Vicky Beck" or "Vick Beck" or anything like that. She has had enough of that growing up, and chances are she will stay mad at you for a very, very long time. In fact, she might never forgive you for it. Call her "Vicky" or "Vicky Powers", for Arceus' sake.
To sum up, Vicky seems unstable and evil to the core at first sight, but can be a very strong and reliable ally to those willing to play her mind games.

History: Will be revealed as the RP goes by.

Other: She is not very fond of Poison-type Pokémon.

Name: Creamer
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