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So, I am trying to create a FanGame, and are in debate whether to try either having pictures for my Fakes, or go traditional and try out pixels instead. If anyone's got anything to say, especially critically, I would love to hear it :D


Tenki, Grass Starter. Dreams of being a Super Hero one day.

Tiskoon, The Sidekick. Whenever troubles arise, they flock to the source to settle disputes.

Smokit, Fire Starter. It's tail emits smoke every now and then. People sneeze from it too.

Mysticore, Heir of the Clouds. Wherever they fly, clouds are created. People wish upon these clouds for rain.

Botappa, Water Starter. Staring at it's goofy look will cause problems.

First Route Staples:

Furral, Generic Rodent. Not very high in percentages, but it's fur makes great, comfy shorts though.

Kardeenal, Common Bird. They like to wake people up in the morning, like it or not.

Fairly Early in-game:

Shleep, Zzz...

Random, One-Stagers:

Bisnow, Buffalo, or Bison? Untrue to common belief, they can actually get cold, despite their Ice-Typing.

Late-Game Loungers:

Basalist, Cooked Frog Legs. Their mask is constantly changing form from the heat of the lava they live in.

Scholune, Gentleman Scholar. Their noses are proportional in length to their intelligence.

Dufessor, Intelligence at its finest. While praised for their genius understanding of the world around them, they still hesitate around woman.

Also, I'm sorry if these look kinda bad, so here's a spider I hope you'll like

Spider, Rainbow Type. Lives in the corner of houses, and smiles all day.

And, umm, I'll try to update this occasionally. Or when I feel like it.
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