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Before I looked at the options I said to myself, no more than 3. But...there are four standouts that I like equally, and I didn't want to leave one of them out, haha.

I went with: Luxray, Manetric, Emolga, and Pikachu lines.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a Pikachu blanket and pillow set, pokemon yellow: pikachu edition, interactive pikachu stuffed animal, and a pikachu gameboy color on my 8th birthday . Along with my custom pikachu ice cream cake from DQ! I was obsessed, but to be fair, Pikachu has an insane nostalgic appeal as well as being promoted in the pokemon games, merchandise, and anime. Therefore, I also went with 3 other pokemon as well.

Manetric - The faux-hawk totally had me sold. Actually, I think I have only done one run without a Manetric on my team. It completely exudes the "cool" aesthetic of the electric typing, and I would even say that it set the precedent.

Luxray - Luxray's design is amazing. The black spiky mane. blue fur, and glowing star-tail definitely is a different take on the vibrant yellow electric pokemon; though it was refreshing to see the Leo constellation as an inspiration with ts bright accents against a dark backdrop.

Emolga - I have always felt indifferent about the electric rodent pokemon following Pikachu. However, Emolga has a distinct identity with the flying typing. If Emolga took the place of Pikachu back in the day, I would have just as easily worshiped it.

Jolteon, Zebstrika, and Ampharos barely missed the cut.

Generally, I like most electric types with the exception of Voltorb/Electrode, Stunfisk, and Electrivire (though it's former line is fine.)