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Four Paws is a story about a two-legged human who suddenly found himself in a forest as a four-legged fictional creature. He meets up with four other fictional creatures, and together, they'll embark on a quest for him to get back home.
Rated Teen for it may contain mild swearing words, and other things.

Chapter 1
A groan escaped my lips as I tried to... uh... move myself... Yeah, that's the best way to explain it for now at least... I feel weak all over...

What happened to me, anyway? I couldn't really remember... All I know right now was that I groaned, my body's freakin' weak, and...I feel hair all around me. And, oh, I also feel like I'm lying down on my stomach.

Damn... How weak am I, anyway? I couldn't even open my eyes. Or...maybe I'm brain-dead? Wait, I'm thinking right now, so I guess I'm body-dead? Coma? Hypnotized?

But that can't be right. Why am I in this state in the first place, anyway? What can I remember, anyway? Hm... Let's see... Okay, earlier tod—rustling noises? If it's a person, then please help me! If it's a wild animal, then please don't piss on me. Eat me, for all I care! I do not want a dumb creature pissing on me as if it's telling me that I'm dumber than it.

Okay, that last few bits was unfair. I love animals, and nature as a whole, but, uh, I just don't want to be looked down upon. I really hate that. The rustling noise then stopped, followed by a gasp. Well, good point number one, it's not a wild creature.

"Guys! Someone's unconscious over here!" a female voice called out. By the sound of it, I am guessing that she wasn't facing at where I am. Well, at least there's more of them to carry me to the closest hospital.

The rustling noises soon resumed, and, this time, from each direction. I heard a few gasps, and the people were starting to talk, but I didn't pay any more attention because I've been busy chanting in my head for them to just help me already. Sheesh. I guess they're taking out their smartphones first to video-record their 'rescue' so they could upload this on YouTube later, or so they'll have something to show to the Yahoo! News crew... Sigh... People these days... Pokes..? Okay, so they're poking me on my head, back, tail—


That last one didn't sound very… human, but my busy, ranting brain told me it was a… tail. My… tail. That single realization was more than enough for me. I snapped open my eyes, and flew up from the ground with a panicked jolt. It was just a small jump, but I like to exaggerate sometimes.

The first thing I saw was the large tree in front of me. I didn't mind it as I was distracted by a more pressing subject. I turn my head to face my hand—yeah no. That's a paw. That's my brown, furry paw. Oh, and, those are my furry, brown sides. And look! Resting just beside my furry, brown 'rear paw' was my brown tail, with splashes of white on the tip.

All common sense was now departing whatever morphed brain I now had. My mind just could not grasp what was happening. I wanted to laugh, even for a small bit. Just to convince myself that this was all a weird dream. Unfortunately—

"A-are you alright?"

My supposed-to-be-rescuers interrupted my train of thought. I slowly looked up at them. They were four beings of fiction. Fiction that everyone in the fandom would literally trade their heads off just to see even a microscopic hair of their existing hair fibers. I grinned at them, and it must have been a creepy-looking grin, judging from their horrified expressions before I returned to darkness again. This time, my brain made sure to stay brain-dead with my body-dead body...

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