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Since it's been quite a while since I wrote fanfiction, I can't provide any title examples for that here. But forum roleplays are similar in a way, in that the story is often planned beforehand so that a fitting title can be given. Some titles I've had are:

Origins - for a RP around Kanto where Bill searches for clues on Kanto's lacking mythology.

Rockets Rising - in which players were gym leaders, some of which were leaders of Team Rocket.

Foreigners - in which players were trainers from other regions who came to Kanto to show off, more or less.

Arcanum - just the name of a journey roleplay in a region called Arcanum.

Kanto Rewinded - in which trainers film their adventures on tape.

Begin, Again - inspired by the name of a PC skin and featuring a plot very akin to the games.

Checkmate - in which players play a simplified version of a game from Homestuck, called CHESS.

So it seems like I prefer the short and sweet titles, often just one word. Fairly simple too, often directly relating to the name of something in the RP, or being a hint of what is to come later on in the plot. I invent a plot first and come up with the name lastly.

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