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Originally Posted by EddieGren View Post
Eevee is one of those Event pokémon, but in the documents it says it can be found in Route 118, so...if I fail to capture the Event Eevee, can i still capture it in that Route or was it a typo?
Eevee can still be caught at Route 118, this allows players to access all five Eeveelutions. The only main reason I made Eevee an event Pokémon was to give everyone the opportunity to have an Eevee from near-to the start of the game.

Originally Posted by Lari View Post
Nya, if he's going to add Gen IV pokes, why not my beloved Glaceon? ;_; I've never played the DS games because of the crap emulators, and I don't own a DS... that's why I want to have a Glaceon so much ;-;

Anyway, I'm gonna try this hack later, I'm interested :3 Even though I had a save corruption problem in the last hack I played, I'm going to give this one a try!
I would love to add all of the Gen IV if I could, although Emerald only has a limited amount of free spaces for Pokémon which would eventually result in over writing currently existing Pokémon. If I do figure out a way to work around this then my next update would probably include the Sinnoh Pokémon.
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