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Welcome, Classic Shadow, Elija, and Skalla!

Classic Shadow, have you read the comics where Shadow and Metal Sonic interact? Pretty cool, I'd have to say. :)

Elija, why wouldn't Black Doom count? :P Though, I'm curious as to why you're interested in him. What do you like about him?

Ryukaa, good to hear! I don't quite like playing on the 3DS though, if the few minutes playing a display 3DS at Walmart counts. I'd prefer getting the console version, if I get a Wii-U... Alas!

Skalla, I'm sure I spent 100+ hours goofing off in the Chao Garden. It's not for everyone, though, yeah. I couldn't wait for the Treasure Hunting stages to end. :/ That's about the only issue I had with Sonic Adventure 2. I'd like to play Unleashed, but I've only seen the demo and have watched a Let's Play etc of it.