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Delta Mayor -

Sleep never came easy to Delta it was a constantly struggle since childhood. The only remedy she knew to trust was a bath and most of the time it worked wonders. So wonderful in fact that she almost always fell asleep in the bath. Delta had returned from Paris unscathed, well, physically unscathed. No one had caught wind of her "incident" or if they had the highers up were much too busy to notice. In fact the higher ups told them tomorow was a "free day" while they handled and combed through everything that had happened in Paris. She observed how quickly Oakley was accepted in the AUP especially by Agnes. Agnes had thankfully been keeping her distance that meant Oakley was a second blessing. Despite any attempts Oakley would make Delta could never be her friend, any conversations they were ever going to have was going to be brief and on Delta's terms.

From time to time Delta stopped in and visited the unconscious Atlantean after they returned from Paris. He was kept under strict watch seeing as one only knew how he would react to being brought to a unknown location full of strangers. That night she slouched in the chair beside his bed for hours just watching over him. To amuse herself she came up with a fabricated backstory for him, he was an Italian bank teller named Tanner who accidentally discovered his Atlantean powers when he burned a large stack of money. His fiancee was a snobby brat named Noemi, whose French family hated him. Often times Delta found herself laughing at the adventures Tanner and Noemi stubbled upon. It would be farfetched to say that she cared for him, she didn't, Delta didn't know the man. Only that he was here away from all his family, friends, and anyone that he possibly cared about thanks to her. When it came down to it Delta didn't trust a single soul here and she wasn't about to start anytime soon. All the knowledge she had acquired in Paris was intriguing, much more than she thought it would be. There were several forces at play... Like whoever had taken out the Atlantean who had done all that destruction to Paris with his meteorites. The scummy Atlantean Royal Family, this new Librarian character, and whoever else had been roaming around Paris.

Delta slipped out of her soft, deep green bathrobe and slid into the bathtub, the temperature was exactly how she liked it. Submerging everything except for her head underwater (her hair was tightly secured in a towel) in order to relax. The entire set up looked like a romantic gesture, nice warm bath, candlelight being the only source of light, oils and bathsalts, but Delta wasn't fond of the romantic side of things. This only had one purpose and that was to help her get to sleep and it did.

A groan rumbled in Delta's throat and pushed through her lips when she felt herself turn and the water move along with her signaling she had fallen asleep. Cautious steps removed her from the tub where she rewrapped the robe around her and then proceeded to itch the back of her neck. Looking out the nearest window she saw it was nearly the crack of dawn, a perfect time to start training. Throwing on her usual outfit, the AUP had provided several pairs of that oufit, and took the elevator down three floors to training room 1D. Removing her jacket and accessories was a must, Delta pulled out a mannequin after she locked the door, which would help her practice her kicking range and the power of her punch. They, the higher ups, had mentioned the lack of teamwork and Delta was quick to pick up on the glances thrown her way. Working together with Agnes is one thing she hoped to avoid the entirety of her stay because that was a death sentence not teamwork. As Delta swung her leg up to connect with the head of the mannequin she thought of the new Atlanteans she had encountered. Stoic Ice Boy, handsomely distracting James Hazan, Royal scum Oliver, the blonde girl that had begun unravelling something inside her, the living Light Switch, crossbow guy, and those three random band players.

Crystallizing both clunched fists she jabbed the chest of the mannequin twice before she threw a left hook into its face. The drummer's death wasn't her fault, it just wasn't. Delta had to kill him, Matthias, because he had chosen his path, which was the path that led towards the death of thousands of innocent people. He had to die, for retribution, for payment to those families that perished, Delta pounded the back of the skull alternating between punches and kicks. She had always heard how daunting it was to kill someone that the memory haunts and gnaws at them forever, how you wake up in a cold sweat unable to think or dream about anything else. Evidence of this was in the way Ice Boy spoke about it Delta saw how it disturbed him simply by looking in his eyes. None of that happened to Delta last night, no, she was worried about other things. Like, how killing Matthias had come easy to her, like it was second nature there hadn't been a moments hestiation when she crushed his body into pieces. It felt good, and that scared her. Or the feelings that had erupted inside of her when she laid eyes on that girl. Delta released the air she didn't realize she had been holding in and staggered backwards breathing heavily before she dropped to her hands and knees. Tears blurred the edges of her vision as she sucked in the air around her like it was running out.

"He. Had. To. Die." Delta whispered, trying to reinforce and commit the fact. She pounded on the ground with both her crystallized fists.

Minutes passed and kept passing before Delta regained her composure and wiped her eyes with a single finger. Without another word, kick, or punch she left the training room and by that time it was time for breakfast. Except for today she grabbed and ate it in her room, alone, away from any prying minds or curious individuals. She had taken two of the newspaper that had been left on one of the tables, the New York Times and The Daily Telegraph. Bits of eggs and bagels flew out of Delta's mouth when she read how they dubbed her Krystal! It was bland, generic, and down right degrading in every sense. Not even "Killer Krystal" just "Krystal", Delta grumbled as she thought about how unoriginal and demeaning it was. Her appetite had subsided almost immediately, Pyromaniac, Shocker/Sir Shock (seems like the media couldn't keep up what they wanted to call him except that he was a criminal), Coldsnap, Nurse, Light Lad, and... Metal Maiden. These names must have been taken from an grade school because that's how basic they truly were.

Paris had become a media frenzy, some people wanted them quarantined something that was barbaric. Others thought they shouldn't, but despite those opinions now there were stricter laws in place about registration, which Delta had refused to do. The registration was only a way to let the Royal Family track them, anyone who registered was a fool and deserved to be used by the Royal Family. The reaction to this would be interesting to hear from the higher ups it was a complete mess. According to the article, if they were to be trusted, James Hazan had indeed joined the Royal Family, a pity, Delta looked forward to killing him now more than ever. Him, and every other Royal Family member she came across except for one...


"I'm ready for a nap..."

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