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Meh, I'll take a shot at it

Username: dragonomega
Game: Pokemon Silver

I'll probably complete this within like 2 days or something. :>

This challenge is making me want to physically cry. I think it'll more than 2 days lmfao.

Update #1 1/8
- Started the game and chose Totodile (Pappy)
- Lost against ??? (named GOLD)
- Caught a Kakuna (Level 5) and named him (Kakky)
- Grinded Kakky to level 10
- Kakky evolved
- Defeated Falkner (quite easy tbh!!)

Team I-hate-you-all-so-much

Pappy the Totodile
Level 11
- Scratch
- Leer
- Rage

Kakky the Beedrill
- Harden
- Fury Attack
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