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Originally Posted by molivious View Post
Bite. Very rare to encounter double-teamers in-game (1 or 2-in-a-100)?. Competitively, they're even banned.

So... yeah, Bite. Usually, you'd have an Aerial Acer which could deal with majority of those Double-teaming abusers too. If none, well... that's why I bring Toxic XD
Evasion Clause I think is only really upheld in the unofficial metagame, Smogon or Pokemon Showdown; and any clone of the two. Officially I don't think its as heavily penalized. I'd have to look up the official standings rules on the matter again, but I don't think most people still use it.

You do have evasion tactics in Sand teams though where the never miss may come in more handy than the 30% flinch, not to mention there are more attacks with higher damage than Bite.

Really, what do you need more on your team, flinch or accuracy?
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