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Quote originally posted by Ussaid:
What the hell just happened?

Well, Othodox died, but the Egg hatched. The Dreaming broke. And now the Pokémon world has stopped being a text-based nightmare and gone back to being a pixel-based... whatever it was before.

Quote originally posted by gam3r!:
Damn man been away a little time and it's over :(
That was a really awesome story ( feels more like a game though ) I really missed that snakewood style narration . I am really looking forward to newer stuff.

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm not sure that I'll be posting a whole lot for a while - I've already put my other fic on hold, and am clearing out my other narrative responsibilities to leave more time for novel-writing - but I'll be back with something when I need a break from my novel, anyway.

Quote originally posted by Oddball20007:
"Jeez. You guys accept a necrotic steel zombie and parasitic amphibious coral without question, but I drop one figure of speech and you pounce on it like it's the biggest plothole you ever saw."

In a situation such as this, I believe it is a good strategy. Because what if it wasn't a plothole, and something stuck in there that actually could help us? Can't just say no, have to try everything.

GG all :D

I wouldn't worry about it. The Narrator just likes to needle all of you, because it's fun for me to write his scathing remarks.

Quote originally posted by c1234321:
Its not quite done yet from what I can tell. Unless Cutlerine is trying out the cliffhanger ending, all of his stories wrap up nicely. And especially considering the story we're in, I would consider the very strong possibility that the story is still not over. So Im going to try issuing another command.

To whoever we are now speaking to, wake up.

If I am completely wrong please just ignore this.

(On a side note, this was fantastic.)

Nah, it's over. You already woke up. Even if you hadn't, the world isn't text-based any more. It went back to normal when the Dreaming ended: it takes a good old-fashioned Game-Boy-wielding Player to help Othodox through his next incarnation, not the voice-in-the-head Players we've been seeing so far.

All the stories of mine that you've read do tend to end a certain way, that's true, but they're a very specific sort of story - a long, 500/600-page story containing many disparate threads that link up against a common surprise threat at the end. They're basically the same story over and over, with different flavourings each time - but of course, not everything I write ends the same way. I've written a lot of stories, and only a tiny number are posted anywhere online, let alone here.

Having said that, this is the first time I've ended a story with a short film made through the medium of ROM hacking.

Anyway! I'm glad you all enjoyed the story. I hope I've managed to bring a little extra activity to FF&W, and perhaps encouraged a few people to respond to stories where they might not have done before. All that remains is for me to give thanks to all those who helped Othodox through these difficult times, and without whom this story would not have been possible.

First up, thanks to all the voices:

Adin Terim
Clockwork Orange
Cosmic Fury
Crouching Raiku,Hidden Gyarados
Mr. Mammoth

If I missed anyone out there, please do let me know.

Next, thanks are due to our man Lovecraft, who despite his many failings was an awesome enough writer to invent the device this story relies on to work; thanks are also due to the person who got me reading his work, which up until that point I'd only vaguely heard of. Without them, this story would have been all about a Parasect who got himself into some crazy situations.

Special thanks to Astinus as well, for letting me run this even though it's not really a conventional fanfic, and even though other people who wanted to do the same were turned down.

And at last, thanks to Othodox. You're the most vaguely defined of all my protagonists, and you're not even really anything more than an idea - but somehow you're one of my favourites.

That's it, folks. Congratulations! You won!



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