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Cars...kinda need their heat, so you can't just get rid of heat altogether unless if it's the inside. Like Jz mentioned, there's at least something you can do to get rid of a gel.

I'm not very fond of wifi integration in cars. I don't see a point in driving and using facebook or twitter in your car. "Update status <I AM DRIVING MAH CAHR YAHOOOO>" I mean, what else can you update aside from that? It doesn't really benefit anything, except for internet radio which is....a good idea.

However, with the right technology and if not all else fails, I do believe that the cars we have today does indeed make us safer drivers. Why? As long as you maneuver safe driviing practices WHILE you have the cameras or the self-parking method on, you'll be okay. I wouldn't really rely on the auto-methods or the cameras alone though.
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