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• What smartphone operating system are you currently using?

Currently, iOS 5.0.1. For the sake of Jailbreaking and stuff, I prefer this OS version. It's nice, but my iPhone is outdated, so...I need to upgrade because my GB and RAM needs have skyrocketed.

• Have you used other smartphone operating systems? If so, which do you prefer?

Dude, ICS 4.0 on my mom's S3 is so legit. I'm like almost ready to jump ship and get me an S3. In fact, null that last part about upgrading my iPhone, I might just get that S3/S4.

• Why do you prefer this operating system over others?

Truthfully, the only thing keeping me is the fact that I've invested so much time into the phone, and the fact that it's Jailbroken. If I happen to nab an iPhone 4/4S, I might not have to get a S3/S4. But...if not, ICS, here I come~~~

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