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There hadn't been anything she could do to save Hoodhide, and though she knew this, Daricka continued to curse herself in her mind. If only she'd attack The Inferno more fiercely, if only she'd been quick enough to snatch her brother back before her charged to his doom...! But within, she knew it wouldn't have mattered. For all appearances, The Inferno had been finished; and if Hoodhide hadn't stopped him in time, he would have died anyways, along with everyone else within the city.

Once she was clear of the rubble she had found herself beneath after fleeing from the explosion, Daricka slumped forward as she regained her breath. The flames that had cloaked her in the fight against the corrupted Typhlosion had already gone; the only remnants of them being the flames that flickered constantly atop her head, and the exhaustion that always came in a wave after they were used. The Life Flames had been a last ditch effort; the price for using them was something she would have rather avoided. Each time the flames faded, the thought would cross her mind no matter how much she tried not to wonder: how much longer did she have? How many more times could she afford to use them? It wasn't the thought of dying that scared her; it was more the thought of dying before the fight was finished.

Raising her tired but still fierce gaze, she took in the landscape before her. A large circle of nothingness marked the place where The Inferno had blown the surroundings away, and it in turn was surrounded by nothing but ruined and crumbling buildings, few of which were still standing. Whichever way this battle went, the toll it would take on Cape City's citizens would still be the same.

The sound of crumbling earth and the shaking of the ground finally drew her attention away from her recovery. With nothing to grab hold of to keep her balance, and her legs already unsteady, she fell to her knees, her hands on the ground so she wouldn't fall face-down on the ground. When the tremor stopped and she was able to rise again, she raised her eyes, and a rare expression of surprise flashing across her features at the sight before her; a large fissure now parted the city in two, a scar that would forever remain to remind others of the bloody battle that had been fought on these grounds.

She wasn't sure how long she rested there, but this seemed to be her cue to shake off the weariness that still clung to her limbs and continue fighting. Though, as she looked around, the Ancients seemed to have dwindled in numbers. The flag of the Alpha Alliance flew from Stoneguard, signaling that it had been taken from the Ancients. The Ancients that remained on the battlefield were now retreating. There wasn't really any point to hurry towards them now, since by the time she got there any fights would have already ended. Thus, she strode at a leisurely pace across the war torn city toward Stoneguard, resolving not to strain herself by rushing herself. Even if there were any Ancients still around to fight, she wouldn't be much good if she was to exhausted to move anyways.

By the time Vigil's message echoed in her mind, she was already entering the broken and battered gates of Stoneguard. She made her way to the top floor, where she found Vigil. She greeted him with a silent nod as she leaned back against a wall, her arms crossed in front of her.