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Originally Posted by Mackenzie View Post
I believe so, albeit quite difficult as you need to take into account their movements, although for trainer npcs, using the vs seeker and battling them (if using gen 4) helps to avoid random npc advancements.

So hi guys, i'm fairly new to this thread, though i sometimes drop by to check on people's latest projects. I'm Mackenzie, but you may know me before as patrick_20052005. :''>

Anyway, I'm happy to share my rng'd pokemon in diamond :3

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OT: Colbie | ID: 00545
Jolly | Swift Swim
IVs: 30|31|31|30|31|31
Swift | Aqua Jet | Crunch | Agility
Location: Rt. 218
Availability: Lv.30, UT

Alternatively, you can check its legality analysis: here
Thanks for the info although I RNG on Gen V. Nice that you are able to RNG on Gen IV, I can't seem to .
Update: Finally captured it after it struggled last week, I decided to Synch it with another nature though.

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