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This is back

Name | Chu'Si Sinquah

Age | 16

Gender | Female

Starter | Hania | Growlithe (Male + Egg Move Flare Blitz )

Appearance | Chu'Si is of average height for a 16 year old girl. 64 inches or 5 foot 33 inches. She weighs around 115 lbs. Chu'Si has tanned skin almost of a copper shade. Her eyes are a brilliant blue color so blue some say it's unnatural. Her hair is naturally curly and very long going down to her hips. Though unlike her family members who all have black hair Chu'Si's hair turned from black to gray by the time she was 10. Chu'Si normally keeps her hair down flowing down her back, but on special occasions her hair is done in butterfly whorls .

Clothing wise Chu'Si dresses in a traditional mantas dress, a knee length dress made out of woven cotton that her mother had dyed black with a red triangle pattern near the bottom of it. The dress flows at her knees and fastens at her right shoulder leaving her left one bare. Chu'Si also wears a necklace, bracelet, and anklet made out of black and red beads. On her feet she wears a pair of traditional moccasins dyed black to match her dress.

Personality | Chu'Si has always led a tough life. Being deaf she has never made any friends, other than her loyal Growlithe and her family. She's very kind and wants nothing more than to have others accept her for who she is, but so far she has had no luck even though she is always more concerned with others. Chu'Si loves to read and will read any book she can get her hands on. She is very intelligent having learned to read lips at a young age to avoid others having to learn sign language to communicate with her.

More than anything Chu'Si dreams of doing something to help her family. She sees how they struggle every day. How hard it is for her father to provide the necessities for them. She wants nothing more than to prove that even though she is different she can still do all of the things everyone else can do. She feels she needs to get all of the medallions not just for her family, but for herself as well.

History | Chu'Si was born and raised in Wanako to a poor family that with her added totaled four people. Her family isn't very well off so growing up it was always hard to have food on the table. Her father Ahote and her older brother Cheveyyo worked hard collecting sacred ashes but that job still didn't provide much. Her mother Kasa worked as a medicine woman in the town trading her service for goods like food, water, and clothing. This worked for a few years, but people were less likely to go to Kasa if Chu'Si was with her. The others in Wanako were deterred by the young girls blue eyes and her hair that started graying when she was seven and within three years it was completely gray. People said she had been cursed by the fire spirits and wouldn't let their children play with Chu'Si.

There were some nice people other than her family in Chu'Si's life. Honani her next door neighbor took on a grandfatherly role in her life. He'd entertain her with games and stories treating her and her brother like the grandchildren he never had. It was Honani that gifted Chu'Si with her loyal Pokemon. A Growlithe that she named Hania. It was shortly after Honani gave her Hania that he passed away. Chu'Si was 13 at the time of his death and grieved with her entire family. It was months after Honani's death that her father and brother were given new jobs working on a farm in Kalay. The family moved there and Chu'Si thought things would get better. They didn't. Kids still wouldn't have anything to do with her. Her mother was unable to find work as a medicine woman, and her father and brother were barely paid. As the years passed Chu'Si noticed it was harder and harder for her family to have food on the table. It was shortly after she turned 16 that she made the choice to join the race to collect the medallions. She said nothing to her family. Merely hid her bag of clothes and waited until the day of the race to sneak away.

Other| Chu'Si has Waardenburg syndrome, a rare genetic disorder resulting in her deafness, prematurely grayed hair and her brilliant blue colored eyes. She can speak, but her pattern of speech and pronunciation of words are off (Due to not being able to hear herself).

Theme Song | "Pocketful of Sunshine"--Natasha Bedingfield

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