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I eat meat, and I feel there are a lot of dishes that are not complete without it really. Honestly, if I had never had meat in my life then I could probably manage being a vegetarian but I have always had meat in my diet and as a result it probably always will be.

I guess I'm kind of hypocritical, since I could never kill and eat an animal unless I had no choice (I don't even fish), but really it makes little sense to me to be a vegetarian or vegan. Every living thing on this Earth, bar plants, eats other living things to sustain itself. Even naturally herbivorous animals or vegetarians are eating something that is/was alive when they chew up a field or tuck in to a salad.

Although, on that note about me being hypocritical, I sort of feel that if you go out and kill your own food then the animals slaughtered to be put on our shelves have died in vain... that being said I also think that if you go out and kill an animal it should only be for the intention of eating it and not for sport.

I may have strayed a little from the topic there, sorry xD
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