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That font looks sketchy. Could you tell us what kind of pack you got it from? I also don't recognize the set symbol at the bottom. So right now, I'm debating on it being some funky promo or a fake. That font on the card leads me to believe the latter, though. And what country were these purchased from?

Edit: Just notice it has no weakness, but the x2 is still there. You know what, I'm gonna go ahead and call this out as a fake. There's no way this could be legit. And if it is, I'll have to think of something outrageous to do.
Someone bought it for me from India (idek how) & the cards came in a metal-ish container where I can read the word "Pokémon 6" & below it "HS Undaunted", the container had the pictures of Ash, Togepi & Minccino. There was also a small "shiny" sticker that changes color whenever you view it from a different angle that had the word "Pokémon" on it but not in the usual font, also a tiny silhouette of Pikachu was on it.
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