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Kyoto Town
Originally Posted by pokefreake View Post
Very starter town feeling.

The path on the left seems a bit out of place, maybe wider? or nonexistant?

The ledged area on the left middle kinda seems out of place, does an event occur here?
The square pattern that the flowers are in is a little unappealing to the eye.

The water in the middle, is that a walkable puddle or a pond?
If it's walkable then neat! But again, it's kinda truncating the paths.
If not! AH! Weird place for a pond.

Navel Mountain
Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
Ice puzzles make me cry!

A very well thought out map.

Looks natural, and ANNOYING! ;_; but fun.

No critique, sorry! Wish I could nag about something, but really this looks nice!

The Region
Originally Posted by miggy93 View Post
It's a map.

It's neither good nor bad. Nice amount of land/water routes.
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