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Math was invented.

You could argue that the world was set up to have math in mind but honestly, that doesn't make sense. Humans didn't know how to explain things so they made up stuff for it. Do you honestly think that the symbol for 8 was passed down from the beginning of time, when there was nothing? No, humans made it up because they wanted to know what "eight" would look like. They also invented "eight", mind you. If math hadn't been invented, I could easily just point to the edge of my laptop and call that an octaganoganatriclogon and everyone would believe me no matter how ridiculous it sounds because it explains something that people otherwise couldn't explain.

Here's a good example: a human measures the distance between two trees and says that it's a yard. People believe it because it explains what the distance between the trees is, thus making the yard measurement permanently written in the human mind. In reality, it's just two trees far apart with an indiscernible distance between them, and it's never really known if it's a yard, an inch, a mile, or if everyone is just crazy for giving a random name to something because they didn't understand it.
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