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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Yes, but it's not like they can't do it.

Sure, they may have two jobs, but with enough effort, things can change.

Sure, saying it's easy is annoying, but just blowing it off like that is annoying to me also.

Just because you can't eat healthy because you're poor doesn't mean it's possible.

If you try harder, it will get better. If people try to help you it will get better. Only one or the other isn't the answer. We need both, and only if we have both will anything get done. Emotional and physical support from others, even if it's just saying that you're doing good, and you need to put in everything you've got, even if it's just staying up five minutes before bed and fighting through the sleep to do a couple reps.

Only then can you say that "you can't help it" or "you're not trying hard enough". If you're fat even then, that's the only time where it's not your fault.

Trust me, unless you try as hard as you physically can, everything is your fault. There's no definite numbers of crunches to do or whatever, but 100% is the threshold at which you should operate.
I think you've glossed over my point entirely. How can anyone give 100% if they aren't feeling capable of doing so?
If they're down on themselves over being shamed for being fat, how can one expect them to improve? They can't; it's fact.

It's not about effort, and you're silly for even bringing that argument up. It's not even valid. You're completely underestimating the net effect of mental and emotional health anyways. Mental and emotional health are crucial in the health triangle. If you're not healthy in some way, it often leads to another problem.

Essentially, people need to understand that just because some people can help themselves, not everyone can. It's not your place to judge people for being fat, or to judge their unique situation, variables and other factors in their life, if it were then you'd be their health care provider and you'd have a PhD or some formal education in the subject(s) necessary. Fat shaming does no good for anyone, and assuming fat people lack will power, or are lazy is a nasty stereotype that forms a feedback loop. The problem isn't just going to go away just because you pointed and laughed in hopes that they'd get the message. It's not going to help them to point this out to them at all anyways.

People also have the right of self-determination; and that includes body image as well. Some people are purposefully "overweight" for a various number of reasons and as long as that poses no serious threat to their health, I'd say they're fully within their rights to be treated humanely and kindly like you would any other person.

Additionally there are such things as weight ranges which are healthy depending on a number of factors; some of which may not always be immediately apparent like activity levels, medical conditions, lifestyle choices, and such. Age, Gender, Race, Family History, many more things beyond our reasonable control do influence the outcome.

Many people who are obese did not choose to be by free will. It is often the result of unseen or unpredicted variables in one's life that often allows the human body to assert it's natural nature and gather more resources than it needs. Situations influence choices, and situations that are not conducive to making healthy choices are limited in occurrence in various ways. Compound the problem even more if you don't like being obese and would like to lose the weight but due to the situation at hand; you are simply forced to sacrifice one goal for another more important one.

TL;DR: There isn't any excuse for fat shaming. Lack of effort, willpower, or anything similar is irrelevant if one isn't healthy enough to give 100%. Giving 100% is pretty much contingent on a person's health, not just physical, but mental and emotional as well.

It is wrong to judge others; for you cannot know or understand all of the intricacies of their life.

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