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Thanks, Cirno. I've learned how to use the computer from my mother's womb actually.

Quote originally posted by Miss Doronjo:
Heeeey, happy birthday! <3 I really hope this is a good day for you today :3
Plus we must hang out sometime~ <3
Thanks, Shawn. Let's chat up soon. :D

Quote originally posted by Jake♫:
Happy Birthday you fantastic person! You're such and kind and thoughtful person and it's honestly incredible. Plus you're just amazeballs at pixel art (which blows my mind, I don't get how you do it). So to celebrate, here's a cake!

Definitely fitting. What a great baker you are. Thanks, Jake. <3

Quote originally posted by Alexial357:
Logiedan! Have an awesome and amazing birthday and do lots of fun stuff! n_n;

Also, two year old's can't drink
Two is a good enough age. One is better. Thanks, Jo. :D

Quote originally posted by SwiftSign:
Happy Birthday Logie! :D I don't really know you yet, but there is time! *threatens*
Threaten me some more. Talk to you soon, pal.

Quote originally posted by Hikari10:
Ah happy birthday you little pixel guy, aka Logiedan.

While I know 2 may not be your real age, at least you're another year older, and we all hope you remain the master of Pixel Art for many years to come.

~ Hikari10
I'm definitely not 2. Maybe 1 or 3. But not 2. Thank you.

Quote originally posted by droomph:
nyuk nyuk

I made something just for you!

(I'm not very good I know :p)

well, happy birthday!

and don't remember to leave PC!
Thanks. You're awesome for this.

Quote originally posted by Bloodex:
What the hell is a two year doing on PC. Go home Logiedan, you're a baby.

Oh, but happy birthday. =D
i'm yo baby boi
thanks, Dipu.

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
Happy birthday dude, have a good'n! I'd leave you a witty pixel art joke but unfortunately I don't know any, so instead here's this thing:

... yeah, how bout dat thing. 8D
A snake with a big appetite? Thanks, Alex. :D

I'm going to sound like a broken record, but thanks everyone. I'm usually not too big on celebrating my birthday here on PC, but I had a great time off and online here.
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