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Originally Posted by Controversial? View Post
Trying my hand at composing. Again. (God, why can't this guy shut up and stop making **** music?)
Wow... WOW! Bravissimo Controversial!! That composition is... beautiful to say the least! I really like it.. and I'm imagining this song being played with a full symphony, as there's definitely potential for that. It sounds kind of like it could be a character's theme in a video game, too. Someone who's struggled hard to be where they're at but manages to rise to the top by just a hair.

Shay-Shay: I love your remix of such an awesome theme. It sounds really clean! I love it!

So, I got a new remaster up... It's been a while since I've done a battle theme, and Cynthia's battle theme from Black and White is among my favorites! Have a listen!