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Hey, I found this in the thread today:
Quote originally posted by Darthatron:

FireRed (US)
0803ED54: 80 7A
0803F226: 00 29
0803F228: 00 D0
0803F38C: 02 2F
0803F38E: 00 DB
0803F394: 01 28
0803F396: 00 D0
Ruby (US) 1
0803BA94: 80 7A
0803BFBE: 00 29
0803BFC0: 00 D0
0803C124: 02 2E
0803C126: 00 DB
0803C12C: 01 28
0803C12E: 00 D0
Emerald (US) 2
080695E8: 80 7A
08069A5A: 00 29
08069A5C: 00 D0
08069BC4: 02 2F
08069BC6: 00 DB
08069BCC: 01 28
08069BCE: 00 D0
1 Credit to Chaos Rush for the Ruby port; I don't even have a Ruby ROM. xD
2 Credit to colcolstyles for the Emerald hack; I based everything off of his post.
Seriously? All I have to do is this to get the Physical/Special Split to work in these games? Is there more to it than this, or is this really it?
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