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Another change to GTS is we are no longer required to have seen a Pokemon for it to appear on our list. All of the Pokemon will be made available (unconfirmed but its there in the wording...if not implied.) Making GTS trade searching a little bit easier in terms of completing the Pokedex.

It's about time.

Originally Posted by bleri1200 View Post
WolfMirage, I feel differently about the Wonder Trade feature. It has potential, for example, if you have a Pokemon you want to release you can just Wonder Trade it and get something back. I don't think Game Freak would let you trade level 90 Pokemon and get a level 5 Pokemon in return. They definitely have something planned.

I agree, and besides you'd be crazy to put a strong or rare pokemon up for trade via WT if anything can be traded for it. But if there are restrictions such as level then it lessens the risk. Regardless it's still a gamble.
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