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Hi I love Minecraft give me free stuff.

Username: AlexOzzyCake
Favorite Mob: 100% has to be Horses
Favorite Item: Lava. Complements the above perfectly.
Favorite Block: Snow! Igloos are pretty and tundra biomes are just beautiful. <3

My favourite gamemode is Creative so I can build huge igloos and statues of squirrels with no limits, and I think Minecraft is 'very cool' to answer the second topic! I adore that it's such a hugely diverse game with no end to what you can do and all with the most sandbox-y feel out there. You can turn it into any kind of game and you have true freedom over what you create with more and more aspects being added every update, and even with countless mods so you can even add things like Pokémon to your world. It's truly a marvellous game and I'm glad to have found it - thanks Olli! :D
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