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I remember in 4th gen you needed all of the games, because... If you get Platinum, for example:

- Need Diamond for Stunky
- Need Pearl for Glameow
- Need HeartGold for legendary exclusives like Kyogre, Latios, etc.
- Need SoulSilver for legendary exclusives as well as the Jade Orb because you need to trade Kyogre to SoulSilver to access Rayquaza (or Groudon to HeartGold)
- Generally you need a Johto game and a Sinnoh game to access a large roster.

In general, GF always makes it so that, within the same generation, you need all the games to get the exclusives. You can, and must in some cases, transfer from old generation in order to complete the Pokédex, which requires more games and therefore a higher price.

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