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Im very aware of how bad the backsprite is, trust me, i redid it 5 times. It was worse. much worse. So. if the front is useable go for it. Ive tried the back, and itss just not easy to work with.
If someone can do steelix better, please do.
Umm, I think this is a little better:
Female Steelix back.png
Ok, maybe not really...

My Shinies:
Quagsire M (Whoopie)
Corsola F (Coral)
Clauncher M (Dr. Zoidberg)
Yanma M (Blue Buzz)
Magikarp F (Goldy)
Goldeen M (Neptune)
Poliwhirl F (Polly)

Yes, I am aware that five of them are fishing shinies and that all of them have stupid nicknames.