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Quote originally posted by Drakow:
No love for Magnezone, what is this V___V
We've only got so much room for different Pokemon families, and since there aren't quite as many Steel-types, you may have to keep your eyes peeled for Magnezone when that poll comes out :S

Quote originally posted by PJBottomz:
I cannot actively vote on this poll because THERE IS NO JOLTIK OR GALVANTULA ON HERE!
That's what the other Pokemon option is for. Like I said, it's a tough balance with the number of Pokemon there are compared to voting spaces, so certain Pokemon might have to be left out of certain polls. Take the Water Pokemon poll that's down the road for example- there are over 100 Water types, but we just can't include them all.


And just a reminder for anyone that hasn't, that you've got until Tuesday to vote on your favorite Electric type(s), so make your votes count!
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