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Originally Posted by molivious View Post
Yeah, that'd be a nice change. It would even make more sense if they made the two versions completely different from each other (although Black and White already has such feature).

tbqh, I thought GameFreak would've already done something like this right after I've played Gen II. I'm speaking about rivals. I mean, even if it was just on the Rival's side, it would've been so interesting to have 2 stories to follow in a single game. Aside from being just a boy-girl selection, you also get to know their sides of the story. Their adventure. The reason why they keep stalking you and such.

I'm glad Gen V made the change because things were just getting old.
Umm sorry for being completely derpy here, but where in Black and White does it allow for a good/evil team? Or is that what you mean? I'm not entirely sure.

Adding my own opinion: I've always wanted to be able to make my own choices on whether I become a good or bad player, somewhat like the Shadow the Hedgehog games. It adds a very interesting perspective on it. Playing as Team Rocket in the Red Hack was fun, but a more up to date one needs to be made IMHO.
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