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What does America stand for?
It's said to stand for freedom and diversity, but that can easily be debated.

Is America a force for good or evil?
I think it's a force that's intending to do good, but it's operated and led so poorly that it just creates more bad, and everyone perceives it as such.

Does America have friends or enemies? What do friends/enemies think of America?
Hella enemies. Didn't North Korea threaten to bomb us not too long ago? I'm sure other countries don't think that highly of us and see us more as a giant dictator that could kill them at any moment.

Foreign intervention (or not!)
This is where I will probably be the most passionate. America needs to stay the hell out of everybody's business. I'm well aware that what we do is for influence, but we don't need to be in other countries, worrying about what's going on there, when we have more than enough problems back home that still need to be dealt with.

The state of the economy
We're screwed lol. Like I said, if we didn't spend/borrow so much money on/from other countries, we'd be fine.

Its political effectiveness
This was actually something we learned about in American History right before school let out. I'm pretty sure that after the 1960s, everyone stopped believing in the President after the lies about the Vietnam War came out. That has only deteriorated much more in the last 50 or so years.
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