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Cape City- Stoneguard

It wasn't long after Zane sent the message that the first of the Gold Tribe began coming towards the Stoneguard. But before they came, TrueStriker connected a surprise person to the Psychic link. It was Sovereign, one of the Sentinels who joined the Silver Tribe after the war began. Emotions of anger had began to stir in Zane, as he recalled Sovereign's part in Dark Lightning's death, but he held them in check, and he figured TrueStriker wouldn't connect them together if it wasn't important, or if he didn't feel it necessary.

It was an interesting message, something he had not expected out of the Tyranitar. When the message concluded, the Gold Tribe began walking through, starting first with Wildfire, who gave Zane a silent nod, which he returned to her. While they waited in silence, Zane thought on what Sovereign had said. It was actually not far off from what Zane had been thinking of this entire time. It was just strange that it came from such an unusual source.

But never drop yourselves to his level. Do not become monsters in order to achieve victory. Stand by your honor. And never stop fighting!

If there were ever nobler words from a fiend, he couldn't think of any. And yet, the message resonated in Zane quite fiercely. It was true that in the past few battles and events, they had done things that made even Zane question the character of the Gold Tribe. Lying to Penance, leaving some of his brothers to fight Inferno without assisting so that he could go after what he thought was a more important target, perhaps even leaving Liberty Town without any protection to rescue some of their own brothers and sisters, and General Hazone. It seemed in the desperation of being on the verge of extinction, they had turned to acts which were defined as 'victory at any cost'. Leave Liberty Town unguarded to rescue members of the Gold Tribe and General Hazone from the torturehouse, to have a better chance against the Ancients in battle. Lie to Penance in his moments of instability to ensure his ability to help in the next battle, without taking his feelings into consideration. Abandoning the Prince of Light and Hoodhide to their deaths by the Inferno in order to capture and free the Sentinel Scar. It was the ruthless calculus of war, and Zane knew it couldn't continue like this. This wasn't the way of the Gold Tribe. Even on the verge of extinction, they had to act as the embodiment of all that was noble. Even in the face of certain death. Even if, as it turned out, their tribe was the product of a long-held secret to ensure the captivity of a Dark God.

As Zane continued to think on this, the other began to arrive. The Swift arrived, followed by Dryad and Sword and Shield. Speculum the Ditto came in just after them, followed by Bane, and the Healer. Bloodthirster flew in through the open window. Zane saw as the Ninetales known as the Shadow Protector carrying in Paladin by Psychic energy. He appeared to be injured, and Zane immediately reacted. "Is he alright?" He asked her. Allora didn't respond, perhaps because she didn't immediately know how to. The Healer quickly went over to his side and began to examine him, while Zane worriedly watched from the side. He remembered about the meeting, and went back over to the large circular table in the middle of the room, but made frequent glances towards the condition of his friend, Paladin, whom he had re-met in Cape City. He didn't want to lose another brother. Not after they had come so far, especially perhaps not now.

"I think it best if we began the meeting," A voice said, which Zane turned to recognize as the old Alakazam known as the Keeper. "There is much to discuss. And I had not left my home in the Catacombs for nothing." Zane looked over again as Paladin, monitoring his condition. "All will be done for him as best as it can be, young Gold Tribe." He reassured him. The Healer mirrored the sentiments with a nod to the Bisharp. Feeling slightly more reassured, he returned back to the table, seeing Gallant and Blitzkrieg also arrive.

"Well," Zane began, unsure where to begin. "I suppose we should get news out of the way. In case you hadn't heard, the Sentinels Inferno and Deluge are dead. The Sentinel Scar has also been successfully turned from the Silver Crystal's power, we believe. I'm not sure of his current condition, but we believe he is still alive." A few of the Gold Tribe members smiled at this news, but Zane would only see those face go to frowns as he passed on the rest of the news. "Unfortunately, it didn't come without sacrifice. The Prince of Light and Hoodhide are both dead as well."

For a while, none spoke. Zane held his eyes to the floor, feeling partially to blame for their deaths. If he had just chosen to stay with his brothers and sisters and fight against the Inferno, maybe they would have survived. After a long pause, he decided to continue the meeting, though Guardia beat him to the punch.

"Noctus," She said in barely above a whisper. The second time, she said it louder. "I saw Noctus. He came to the city close to the end of the battle with Sentry. He was with him."

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