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Anthony Ramsay

Chapter 1.0: Signup

Name: Anthony Ramsay

Age: 16

Gender: Male.




Anthony is, well…. a bit odd. He doesn’t have that many friends and is content to just dream and look at the world go by. He’s eccentric and crazy. He hates people who are not easy going like him and on some cases has been known to bite them. He likes all sorts of strange things and is ridiculously strange himself.

That should help you understand why he goes to the Psychologist so often. On the other hand Anthony is a courageous and loyal friend always protecting his friends from bullies by biting them (nobody irritates him nowadays). He gives his friends boogers to make friends with them.

However Anthony has a good heart and goes into some sort of systematic change when he is around pokemon. He never tells lies and is a fun guy to hang out with (once you get over the booger part). Anthony never saw a need to shave his beard and so during this RP expect to have a long bearded Anthony!


Anthony was born to a rich family at Celadon City in Kanto. As a child he was fascinated with almost everything around him. He liked experimenting and at one point even went as far as to pouring fairness cream over his baby sister to make her skin softer. His parents were fine with him most of the time and thought that it was fine for somebody his age to be like that.

When he started going to school Anthony received good grades but bit anyone who annoyed who annoyed him. He once went as far as to bite the Principal. The Principal suggested that the Ramsays buy a pokemon for Anthony to pay with. They got a Teddiursa when Anthony was 10 and he named it Pine and the two became great friends.

Anthony was a changed boy till he was 15. Then when some burglars snuck into the house Pine tried to defend it but was killed by the opposing Luxray. Nothing else was destroyed but Pine was gone,….forever. Anthony turned back to his old ways and his parents eventually fed up decided to send Anthony to Sinnoh to get his own pokemon.

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Is there anyone who's alone who will go with Anthony?
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