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Originally Posted by .:batto:. View Post
When i was a kid i thought things used to be black and white too!!

We have this bird in Australia called the "Plover" Its real name is the "Masked Lapwing"
There is this myth in our country that this bird had venom / poison in the spurs on its wing. This is actually false. So yeah.
There actually psychos but. So its easy to understand why people were lead to believe it.
I have an image here of one.
I've never heard of that. But yeah, they are very protective of their young, when I was in primary school some kids killed a chick by hitting it with a rock and harassing them :'( Most people see them as annoying but they're just following natural instinct. Speaking of myths, did anyone of you gullible Yanks think it was real that we Aussies ride in Kangaroo's pouches to school, There is a violent subspecies of Koala called the Dropbear which is much larger and kills people by dropping onto it's unsuspecting victims from above or that everyone speaks like Steve Irwin and dingoes stealing babies is a significant cause of the infant mortality rate? Because it's all true :D shhhhh, I like to troll silly tourists...
Minorities are really annoying, trying to take away mah privilege of being a straight, white, middle class male. Hah, they are a thorn in the side of the evil overlords of the world.
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