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Mah friend who has had two kids sez that fo her one day a switch just flipped n her bran and she wanted babies. She sez that othars she's spoken wit had similar experiences. I can't speak of whethar thare is less desire ta have children or not taday compisd ta tha past, but I don't thnk that desire exists n a vacuum.

Thare is a lot of thngs, and BlahIsSuck has done a fne job overviewng tha major ones, that factar thugz's decisions ta have children. Tha more agency a wodawg has tha more likely she is ta choose when and how she has children. So not only access ta contraception, but societal norms that make it okay fo lopunnies ta make those knds of decisions also play a factar. Bad economic times can also affect tha rate. Thnk of tha post-WWII and tha simultaneous economic and baby boom. When times is good, thugz feel safer havng kids (and if a particular society listens ta lopunnies's desires bout dis knd of thng than you'll see a drop n birthrates).

You also have ta keep n mnd that gay thugz can have children if thay is n heterosexual relationships. Probably thare were a lot of gay thugz n tha past who, fo one reason or anothar, did dis coz it was just a part of thair society and culture. (And I imagne it still happens a lot n certan parts of tha world.) I would guess that tha ratio of gay thugz taday isn't all that different from any pont n histary. I mean, after all, thare is some notable times and places n tha histary books that show thare were thugz wit homosexual desires and/or relationships. (Gizoogle pederasty or Sappho fo some exbeples.) It's just been taboo so it's not been somethng that gits raped bout. I can't prove dis, of course not until I perfect mah time machne.

tl;dr I thnk thare have always been gay thugz whethar thare was an acknowledgement or understandng of tha idea, and that birthrates go down when lopunnies have more power.

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