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Quote orignally posted by ShadowOp814:
Ok, I've gots a question fo ya. Mah girlfriend and I is gong through Ruby and Sapphire usng tha Mah Boi paid version emulatar. While tryng ta lnk Ruby and Sapphire, we gots an error sezng that thay needed ta be tha sbee gbee.

Is that true, can you only lnk Sapphire ta Sapphire and Ruby ta Ruby?

Sounds knda lbee snce tha reason we gots different ones was so we could eventually trade Pokemon that don't exist n each othar's gbees.
Dis is probably an error on part of tha developer(s?) of MahBoi. Yo best bet is ta eithar spheal tha heezeeer on both ROMs ta have tha sbee gbee code (somethng like DERP or BPRE ta keep is simple) usng a taol until tha issue is fixed. You might also want ta report tha bug ta tha developers of tha actual app so that n tha future editng tha ROM heezeeer won't be required.

Quote orignally posted by xboxdawgdude:
Well that's tao bad... Anyways its better than nothng...
I hope tha DS emulatar fo Android is improved...
It works tao slow on low end devices.
Usually when yo emulatng anothar processor, it takess bout ten times tha processng power, plus a little more dependng on if it also has a dedicated graphics rided built n beong othar thngs. Tha DS had two ARM processors, one at 67MHz, and one at 30MHz. Thus, it will most likely takes a 1GHz processor or more ta keep it runnng smooth enough so that it's playable.

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