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Recruiting a Team Member
Team name: No name yet
Team Leader: Me
Current Members: Only me
Current Game title: Pokémon Jade and Topaz Versions
Current progress made: (7%) Made a few maps, those got deleted, now restarting. Have about 5 maps redone.
Position(s) needed: Every position really.
-I need at least a minimal scripter. Nothing big, just small events.
-Someone who can sort or rename files for me. (Sprites mainly)
-A fakemon spriter (Not necessary, but would appreciate it)

Timezone: Central Standard Time (CST)
Preferred Method of contact: deviantArt [], forum message, might post my Skype name.
Screen Shots:

Additional info: I am a mapper. I know a little RGSS, but not much. I have sprited some characters, but mostly made maps. I really need some help. Making a game with just one person is hard people.
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