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I started my adventure when I was 11 (going on 12) years old, in August 2008. The current generation that was out was the 4th. I just picked up Pearl from a nearby Gamestop that one of my aunts was so kind enough to buy for me. Back then, I didn't understand much of the game mechanics (except for the slightly obvious "power = damage" and "HP = life" parts). Clearing the E4 and securing the HoF took a lot of my time, compared to now. Now that I'm 16 (going on 17), not to brag but...I believe I have a deep understanding of most of the mechanics that this game has to offer. I don't own a lot of the fact I only own 3. Pearl (mentioned earlier), Black 2 (November 2012), and SoulSilver (January 2013). I USED to own a GBA cartridge of Pokemon Emerald, but I have no idea where it went...
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