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I certainly enjoy a lot of the Pokemon OSTs. (most are battle themes lol)

R/S/E - Trainer, Rival, Team Magma/Aqua Themes, Regis, Elite 4, Champion, most of the traveling/Route themes
FR/LG - Trainer, Celadon Game Corner, Champion
D/P/Pt - Wild Battle, Trainer Battle, Rival Battle, Team Galactic Themes, Cyrus's Theme, Champion, Legendary (Lake Guardian trio)
HG/SS - Team Rocket Battle Themes, Kanto Wild Battle, Goldenrod/Celadon Game Corner, Elite Four, Champion, Biking Theme, Legendary (Ho-Oh, Lugia, Suicune, Entei, Raikou)
B/W - (Old) Team Plasma Theme, N's Battle Theme
B2/W2 - Rival, Subway Trainer, Neo Team Plasma Theme, Elite 4, Legendary (Roaming/Kami trio), almost all of the PWT themes, Legendary (Regi trio and Lake Guardian trio remixes)
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