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Originally Posted by O07_eleven View Post
I've never heard of that. But yeah, they are very protective of their young, when I was in primary school some kids killed a chick by hitting it with a rock and harassing them :'( Most people see them as annoying but they're just following natural instinct. Speaking of myths, did anyone of you gullible Yanks think it was real that we Aussies ride in Kangaroo's pouches to school, There is a violent subspecies of Koala called the Dropbear which is much larger and kills people by dropping onto it's unsuspecting victims from above or that everyone speaks like Steve Irwin and dingoes stealing babies is a significant cause of the infant mortality rate? Because it's all true :D shhhhh, I like to troll silly tourists...
Don't forget playing frisbee with the crocs.

Nah but I actually used to believe that there were evil Koalas that eat people.. I was young and my brother told me and showed me a picture, shh.
I thought babies came out from the stomach when they are born. I mean.. sometimes they do come out from the stomach but I thought they ONLY came out from the stomach and nowhere else ;~;
Me too! I thought thats what the belly buttons were for, and they just like opened up, but turns out it's not the belly button.. Also, on that note, I used to think boys and girls had the same thing-a-ding-lings. Haha
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