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Ok... More Black 2.

Sasaki the Samurott L38
Faraday the Magnezone L38
Kerbero the Growlithe L38
Juliet the Roselia L38
Achilles the Heracross L38
Bones the Mandibuzz L38

Since today is Thursday I backtracked to Route 4 and caught the freebie Mandibuzz that flies around those parts. Weak Armor could be an interesting ability but Mandibuzz shouldn't be used as a sweeper. She has weak moves so she's not the easiest thing to train, but I wanted a Dark-type Pokémon and I happened to need a Flying Pokémon as well so why not? Good thing about her, though, is that she takes hits like a boss. Very difficult to kill. Unfortunately she also doesn't kill anything easily.

I beat Clay easily. Juliet killed Krokorok and Sandslash while Sasaki killed Excadrill. Not much to say here.

The PWT went smoothly as well, with Kerbero soloing most opponents with Flamethrower. Colress, thus, was a joke, since he has two Pokémon weak to Fire and one of them is very weak (Klink).

Got the freebie Deerling (soft resetted for female) and boxed it. Cleaned Mistralton Cave, went to Chargestone Cave, where Faraday evolved once more. Juliet learned Petal Dance but I won't evolve her until Kerbero is also ready to evolve. I arrived in Mistralton the moment it turned winter, so it was cool to see the hail falling over the city. I then came back to Route 4 to catch Bones, as I said, and trained her to match the rest of my team.

Next stop, Celestial Tower, and the gym, possibly.

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