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Quote originally posted by xSabirr:
Help I'm stuck at Moro Island, I finished the trophy even the meowth event. I traveled the water anf beat team rocket near the waterfall. Now I'm stuck I don't know what to do. HELP!
Quote originally posted by Bzeeinsanity:
Can someone here help me install? Im using GBA.emu on my galaxsy S4 and it wont let me play this rom and i just downloaded AshGary 4.2 Please im begging i just wanna play again!

Quote originally posted by Netizen:
edit: i catched bulbasaur but it has everstone. i guess ash's bulbasaur didn't evolve. should i take the everstone or follow the anime? do i need a bulbasaur in some certain events?
Yeah. Every Ash's Pokemon is needed to see the events.

@DarkTR: In Charizard Chills event which is not yet.
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