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Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
Are you a professional artist or do you plan to be one? Are you self-taught? Because with an understanding of cartooning like this, you could go a loooong way!
Originally Posted by AWsquared
I was wondering the same as Snowdrop, are you self taught or did you have professional classes?
Ah... both, and I guess I was? I mean that depends on your definition of professional. If I did full time work, then yes, but I was never a J.G. Quintel or anything. Even then, my work now is better than it was even when I was doing it professionally (what I learned then helped a lot, though).

Almost everything I learned, though, came from working professionals. All of them though are way better at what they do than I am doing just a little bit of what they have, but I find it's great to learn straight from the top where possible. I'm always learning new techniques and tricks, too. Right now my thing is really focusing on silhouette and readability, the whole point behind the Felix picture. I want to make sure my art always reads clearly.

For the most part, doing this stuff is how I relax, I don't really want it to become work again as well. However, I don't mind creating art assets for games when needed, which is what I've been doing lately among other things such as QA.

And you don't draw in the same style all the time, too, that alone is incredible!
If you could attribute an attention span to artistic ability, mine would be on the short end, and flighty at that. I like to try new things and break rules where I can to keep myself stimulated. Having said that, I don't go to the extreme end (except occasionally) and draw weird for weird's sake. Too much of that becomes tiring to look at. This is probably where the professional influences come in. Comics like Bone and Disney/Pixar's best stuff keep me fairly grounded.

I find it neat how you can incorprate the Nido family in so many way if that makes sense ahaha
That's character development at work (technical, not the in universe definition). :D I don't think you could really involve most if not all the Pokemon, generically, in too much of anything aside from some cute/cool situations and a few quick jokes/wordplay/puns. The well of the generic Pokemon runs dry fairly quickly, which is why people will either create characters, create a scenario or assign them to trainers. Depends on what people are more comfortable with.

Can't wait to see that animation.
Haha, that makes two of us, then. I won't believe it when I'm finished. I won't believe it IF I finish! A jab at my lengthy production times...

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