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My sister and I settled down and watched some TV so I found it a good time to start the challenge as well! So the journey began, picking my starter as well as my first Pokemon, a Cyndaquil named Quilt. My sister picked the name (she's picking all of them) but I couldn't help but realize that it makes sense considering that he's the plushie on my team! Did all the beginning stuff and after I got the Pokeballs from the assistant went up and eventually caught my tusk Pokemon. Considering how early in the game it is of course it is none other than a Phanpy who has been named Gumball! Also while on my way to Violet City I caught my third member: a Hoppip named Berry. Did the Bellsprout Tower and then went and beat Faulkner was quite an easy task. Now I'm currently in the Union Cave heading towards the next town. ♥

Berry (Hoppip) ♂ | True Alabamian | Level 14 @ Miracle Seed
Poisonpower, Synthesis, Tail Whip, Tackle

Gumdrop (Phanpy) ♀ | Team Mascot | Level 12
Tackle, Growl, Defense Curl

Quilt (Cyndaquil) ♂ | The Plushie | Level 14
Tackle, Leef, Smokescreen, Ember

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