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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I dunno. I think that a lot of people have a wider range of sexual identities than they may think they have, and that society can and does influence people's sexuality in the sense that a lot of people are pushed by society to the far corners of the sexual spectrum where they identify as straight or gay, but nothing in the middle.
I can most certainly vouch for this. Although I was never attracted to anyone, I always assumed I was straight because I found men more aesthetically pleasing than women, and had more "squishes" (an intense desire to be close friends with/in a platonic relationship with another person, rather than a romantic relationship) on men than women.

But once I realized I was ace, I started to question why that is, and started examining my true feelings on the subject. I found that, at the very least, I was paying less attention to women because I had been told all my life I need to find a men, and therefore, paid significantly more attention to men. Possibly I was even suppressing some of the feelings I had about women, again, because (I believe) I kept getting that message over and over again, and with the lack of attraction to ANYONE well... I guess I just subconsciously chose the "default" option. Now I've found that I have nearly the same number of squishes on women as men, and even though there are still more men that I find aesthetically pleasing than women, that number is slowly evening out as I continue to try and let myself actually take notice of the way women look and allow myself to feel what I'm actually feeling.