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Bumping up this thread since I haven't answered myself hahaha.

If I were ever a mod here or on any other forum I imagine myself being one of the more lenient staff members. I wouldn't ever infract people unless they really needed it. If the post was constantly breaking a rule over and over again, only then would I intract them and eventually if they kept it up then a ban. Other than that then I'd most likely only PM the person that they're breaking a certain rule and not to do it again or give them a warning. If the person is posting in the wrong section or posting something that doesn't even fit in PC at all, then I'd just move or close it for them. Merging threads is probably something I'd rarely do cause whenever I look at merged threads, they don't seem to blend in well. I would also try to not come intimidating and encourage people to come to me if they have any questions or issues. Moderators and staff should be approachable right? You should be to come to them for any questions or concern you may have cause they know the forums well. Or at least that's how I see it and that's how I'd try to be as a moderator.

I'd definitely take advantage of the perks. One I'd love a lot is the custom usertitles. I would probably have to get another staff member to help me for a while cause I'm in no way knowledgeable when it comes to coding and HTML stuff, but I'm sure I'd be used to it after a few times. I'd also love having a larger profile picture and avatar. 130x130 and 150x150 is definitely not enough for me and I've always wanted a bigger profile picture/avatar. Giving out emblems would be fun too for me. I'd probably make an ego emblem if I'm on staff long enough.
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