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The only way to execute a pick up line effectively, convey the pick up line as if you acknowledge it's completely dumb. This works out as being a sarcastic joke. It's all about the tone and inflection. Though, I would never open up a conversation with one of these! Rather, I might throw one in during a date as a way both flirt and show off the my sarcastic charm.

Moogles, you be rejecting girls left and right, you be fishin' for them compliments? :p
Anyway, I know exactly how you feel, I mean, people are constantly competing for my attention it's soooo annoying being this desirable. Joking...Okay, now seriously, if someone is pushy and can't take a hint, after being polite, I simply don't engage them. If you keep talking they might see that as a chance still exists for you and them for whatever reason. I feel horrible, but when people that I don't know try to get touchy especially, I just pull away, walk somewhere else, and completely avert my attention away from them. It's just one of those thing I have thought is extremely rude that has happened a handful of times.

Originally Posted by Xulek View Post
I'm an astronaut and my mission is to explore Uranus. I got smacked soon after saying that lol.

I was never that shy when it came to being hit on or when I am hitting on someone I find cute and I do not see that changing anytime soon.
REALLY? lmao, yeah, this is like a second or third date joke, I repeat, make sure you present something like that as a joke. That's hilarious.
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