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Mother- A very severe woman, she can be a bit of a bully sometimes. I appreciate what she does for me but I can't say I love her or would want to confide in her. That's not what I do.

Sister- I have a deep childhood resentment of her being born, pretty much hated her and was a bully big brother. Don't know why, I just didn't like her. She and I get on a bit better now, but I still just want her to stay out of my way and I stay out of hers for the most part...

Father- My Dad is an absolute idiot. Seriously, he acts like he's got dementia when he's only like 55-6. My mum gets rather angry at him because he just doesn't listen or act in an at all rational manner. I quite frankly agree with her, he's not a father figure, we'd all be happier if they split up.

Dog- I love my Labrador Bailey, he's the best part of our family <3
So yeah, no love lost in this household for the most part...
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