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If the title could be longer, it would read: Is the United States destined (or doomed) to become one of the most unsafe, restricted, and right-withholding countries in the world?

I ask this as a United States citizen becoming more and more aware of the government's treatment of the people and the injustices that plague regular men and women who live within the country. All Americans should be worried about the state of their country and how the people in power continue to leech off of the American public while punishing them for acting out of line with their own personal agendas.

Talking points:
-police violence/brutality and the erosion of the extremely necessary Miranda rights - how law enforcement has become something to fear, and not something to rely on when danger strikes
-banks and big corporations stealing and misusing taxpayer money for their own personal bank accounts
-the NSA spying on American citizens and recording their daily activities without having any warrant to do so
-Prosecuting and persecuting whistleblowers and naming them "spies" and "traitors" to the country when they attempt to reveal to the people the cruelty and inhumanity that the government and the military enact against innocent civilians in other countries
-politicians pursing their own agendas while disregarding the thoughts and opinions of the public - even going against their own initial promises to do so
-Higher cost of living and lower and lower wages - how people can no longer survive on minimum wage and how great the divide between the poor and the rich has become
-the war on women, minorities and homosexuals in our country and the withholding of rights to these groups

These are just a few of the injustices that the American public face. If you have any more to add to the list, please do so.
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