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Dexter Patrick Prince // Walking with Rosie

+ Helioptile

"I know how you feel. My mom used to be my teacher, on nothing related to Pokemon. Then when I ran away last year I learned a lot during my travels...It's still odd not sleeping in a Pokemon Center, or a tent every night," Rosie said. Dex nodded, knowing full well how that feels. Even though he was just a beginning trainer, he have already managed to experience the harshness of being a trainer. No permanent home, limited budget. There are times when he felt like surrendering but the promise of catching a new Pokemon the next day spurs him on.

The two of them reached the Pokemon Center. "I guess, we'll have to split in the meantime. You go deposit your Pokemon while I'll have mine healed up."

I am a Roleplayer

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Lanistae Jacet [Lies of a Trainer]
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